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New patient visits, consultations, second opinions, and referrals are always welcome within our practice. Please contact our office staff using the form below and we will do our best to respond to your request within two business days.

For appointments and general information, please call (020) 7459 4482.

I completely understand that any form of surgery needs careful thinking about. It can become a very stressful time in someone’s life. Before physically preparing for surgery, you will need to prepare and select the hospital and the surgeon to perform the surgery. The final judgment about what kind of treatment, where and by whom is entirely up to you. You should take time and evaluate the situation fully. If you are unsure about what has been said in the past you may well want to speak to someone else about it. I get this! After all this is a very important decision.

As a result of completing two fellowships, and my extensive experience as a Consultant in teaching hospitals in London, I often get asked for second opinions on difficult cases by other consultants as well as patients. In the past, I have been called on to provide expert medico-legal advice.

I fundamentally believe in compassionate care for all of my patients and that they have a great experience throughout the whole journey with me. Patient experience not only involves the way in which patients are treated but also loved ones and visitors as well.  Clear communication is at the very top of my priorities, ensuring patients understand everything that I have said, but also that I understand what my patients want and need from me. This is evident by looking at my testimonials on iwantgreatcare.org.

Second opinions and referrals are always welcome within my practice as well as new patient visits. I fully appreciate that you need to choose your orthopaedic consultant well and develop a long lasting and trustworthy relationship. I do hope I get the opportunity to see and treat you.

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