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Hip Arthroscopy

Not all hip pain results from arthritis or muscle strain. Your hip pain could be due to impingement, labral tear or damage to cartilage inside the hip, and hip arthroscopy may be an option for you. It is minimally invasive keyhole surgery and can help you get back to the physical activities you enjoy…

Hip Replacement

The most common reason for performing this operation is arthritis, with pain and stiffness being the most common symptoms. It can slowly cause you to lose your independence. This is one of the most successful operations known, but there are always ways to improve outcomes….

Knee Arthroscopy

This is often performed following a knee injury, which has caused damage to the meniscus or the cartilage lining the joint itself. A variety of procedures can be carried out through this form of keyhole surgery, which makes it useful in diagnosing as well as treating knee problems.

Knee Replacement

Pain, stiffness and swelling can be quite debilitating. It can slowly affect your quality of life and take your independence away. Knee replacement is a very successful operation to take away the arthritis, relieve the pain and get you back on your feet.

Joint Preservation

Not all patients with arthritis in the hip and knee need joint replacement surgery. There are a number of different techniques I use to try and preserve your joint for as long as possible. This includes the use of injections, bracing or cutting edge joint preservation surgery.

Arthrosamid Injections

Advanced joint care with Mr. Parag Jaiswal, who proudly introduces Arthrosamid Injections as part of his cutting-edge pain relief treatments. This state-of-the-art therapy offers effective relief for those suffering from joint pain without the need for surgery.

About Me

I’ve been doctor for 18 years and have been in Orthopaedics for 14 of those! I am very proud to have my permanent NHS practice at the Royal Free London NHS Trust, a teaching hospital with an excellent Orthopaedic department and an outstanding reputation for delivering high quality care. As a junior doctor on the prestigious Stanmore Training Programme, I have learnt from some of the world leaders in hip and knee surgery. After completion of my fellowships in Calgary, Canada and Frimley, Surrey I have developed advanced skills in hip and knee surgery that have benefited my patients greatly. I am able to offer a range of implants and use different materials according to a patient’s needs and requirements. This way I guarantee a truly bespoke service tailored towards the patients’ demands.

I commend & fully recommend Dr Jaiswal

I first met Dr Jaiswal at Guy's hospital in March 2017 & from our first encounter he was pleasant & immediately likeable. He gave me the opportunity to fully explain exactly what issues I had & how they were affecting my daily life, he was very sympathetic, and patient & I felt he could empathise with me. He then used charts &...

Massively impressed with Mr Jaiswal

I have been massively impressed with Mr Jaiswal throughout my treatment (I first saw him in Feb 17). Attentive and understanding at all times; he explained things extremely clearly, and outlined my options and I always felt that the patient came first. I was particularly impressed with the amount of time he gave all his patients during ward...

A great manner and talks to you with respect and compassion

Mr Jaiswal has a great manner and talks to you with respect and compassion. I had wanted to see a colleague of his who specialised in my hip condition. His waiting list was over 9 months so I was referred to Mr Jaiswal instead. I am so glad. He immediately recognised my problem after 5 years of it being missed or ignored by other NHS...

Mr Jaiswal is an excellent surgeon

Mr Jaiswal is an excellent surgeon. The competency & dedication of him and his team was exemplary when I suffered an injury in December. As a trainee doctor, it is inspiring to see how a caring attitude together with the excellent clinical practice directly results in the best clinical outcomes. I am sure, the fact that I am almost ready to...

Eternally grateful to Mr. Jaiswal

My husband and I are eternally grateful to Mr Jaiswal for the care he took in replacing both of my hips in two separate surgical procedures over two years. I can now walk pain-free and can go on to enjoy our retirement as we would wish. I would not hesitate in recommending him as an excellent orthopaedic surgeon who is technically competent, very...

My operation as been a great success and I admire Mr Jaiswal greatly

When I first met Mr Jaiswal in the outpatient department at Guy's he heard that I had been dieting and had lost 2 stone in weight. He got up from his chair and came over to me to shake my hand and congratulate me. He was extremely courteous. He discussed the operation with me taking time to talk to me and explained everything in simple English...

I cannot praise this surgeon enough!

I cannot praise this surgeon enough, I have suffered for many years with arthritic hips and at the age of 44, classed as a “young patient” I was very nervous that this was the right option for me but Mr Jaiswal was/is a fantastic man! From the very first time, I saw him and my issues were discussed, I knew that I was in the best hands possible....

Mr Jaiswal himself is delightful and approachable

I had a total hip replacement just over a year ago and have just been discharged. Since I had the operation, progress has been swift and recovery total. It was a complete success. I cannot fault the after care which was regular and thorough. I was in hospital after the operation for just 3 days. During that time the staff were helpful and...

Significant improvement in the movement in my hip

After nearly two years of struggling to find a diagnosis for my pain at a different hospital, I was finally referred to Mr Jaiswal at Guys, who very quickly organised a range of scans, found a diagnosis, and arranged hip arthroscopy and labral repair. 3 months later and I already have a significant improvement in the movement in my hip and the...

He did a fantastic job!

Mr. Jaiswal did my right knee replacement in August 2019. He did a fantastic job, both during the operation and after. I’m now walking fully on my knee, and cycling, after 8 weeks with no pain in the new knee at all. Mr. Jaiswal is also a very good communicator and I would recommend him completely in terms of his surgical skill and medical care.

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Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement

"My mother required a total hip... My mother required a total hip replacement due to advanced osteoarthritis. She was understandably anxious regarding the procedure and wanted to ensure she was seen by an excellent Surgeon. Working as a musculoskeletal physiotherapist...

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