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New patient visits, consultations, second opinions, and referrals are always welcome within our practice. Please contact our office staff using the form below and we will do our best to respond to your request within two business days.

For appointments and general information, please call (020) 7459 4482.

In these unprecedented times, during the coronavirus pandemic, we have restarted elective (planned) surgery. Consultations can be done remotely or face to face and it is usual to be seen at least once face to face so that you can be examined thoroughly. Rest assured, all the private hospitals I work at have strict protocols in place and reshaped the way they provide care to ensure your safety.

What does this mean for my future patients?

I am focused on providing frontline care in my NHS practice at The Royal Free Hospital and I’m finding it incredibly rewarding. During my self-isolation period, I have researched extensively on how I can care for my patients remotely. As a result, I have performed remote consultations with my patients to great effect.

Remote consultations

I can use a variety of platforms that are convenient for patients. These include FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Skype. In addition, using your email, I can set up a consultation with you and a family member/caregiver who are at a different location but can be involved in the discussion using Zoom. This can be highly advantageous and also rewarding.

During these consults, I am able to gather valuable information which allows me to form clinical diagnoses, give appropriate advice and advise which investigations should be performed. This can be done in any of the locations I consult in (see below).

Whilst, you are waiting, I work with a team of excellent physiotherapists who work remotely and give you the treatment you need all in the safety of your own home. You will be set clear targets, which are personalised and achievable and a safe solution during this pandemic.

What do you need?

This depends on platform you would prefer to use. I like Zoom, and for this you need iPad or laptop with a decent Internet connection. I have also used Zoom on iPhones and other smartphones too. Otherwise, I can use the other platforms listed above. The key is ensuring you have good signal (if using a phone) or good Wi-Fi signal if using laptop or iPad/tablet device).

Approved by insurance companies

All major insurance companies have approved remote consultations. Please check with them prior to our consultation. If you are self funding, I have reduced my fees substantially so that I help more people.

During these worrying times, I want my current and future patients to know that I am there for them and my team have a lot to offer. Let’s use the technology we have to connect and to make you feel better. If you do not wish to use video consultations, then I can simply pick up the phone! I look forward to talking with you and seeing you soon!

This was  a new patient that I had performed a simple telephone consultation with.

This was a video consultation on a post-operative patient. The video functioned very well and I was able to conduct a good examination, assessing the healing of the surgical scar, the movement in the knee and the ability to walk.