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As a reviewer for several orthoapedic journals, I read a lot of research articles. This allows me to be ahead of current trends and latest innovations in Orthopaedic surgery. After critical analysis of these, I may implement change in my practice to be more evidence-based. I often get asked some interesting questions by patients, physios and GPs and thought that some of you may want to know about what is happening in the orthopaedic research world. With that in mind, I will be doing a series of blogs interpreting interesting articles and what this means in layman terms. I hope you enjoy them. 

Hip Arthroscopy

Hip Arthroscopy

This excellent research paper demonstrates poorer outcomes, following keyhole surgery of the hip if there is also underlying cartilage damage. The MRI scans can give us some indication, but the only way off truly determining the extent off synovial cartilage damage is...

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