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New patient visits, consultations, second opinions, and referrals are always welcome within our practice. Please contact our office staff using the form below and we will do our best to respond to your request within two business days.

For appointments and general information, please call (020) 7459 4482.

Any kind of trauma can have a significant impact on patients. Having a broken bone can also be life changing. As a result of my fellowship training in an international level one trauma centre in Canada, as well as working in three Major Trauma centres in London, I have extensive experience and a special interest in dealing with complex trauma. Furthermore, patients often come to me for second opinions after they’ve had operations or if the decision has been made not to operate elsewhere.

If surgery is required, I use the latest, innovative, and minimally invasive techniques to restore the normal anatomy and give the best chance of bone healing.

​Injury to tibial plateau, part of the knee joint, with missing bone (see arrow).

A CT scan providing more information, confirming significant injury and degree of bone loss (see arrow)

Fracture was fixed with plates and screws (see arrows). Bone graft was used to fill the defect and restore the surface of the knee joint to where it should be.

A side view showing normal anatomy and good position of the plate and screws.

If you have any concerns about your injury then please give us a call to schedule an appointment to see me.​ I’ll be more than happy to discuss your injury and treatment in detail try and get you back to the best possible functional outcome. Currently, I am able to offer remote consultations with numerous video platforms or a simple telephone.

Video consultations

I can use a variety of platforms that are convenient for patients. These include FaceTime, WhatsApp, and Skype. In addition, using your email, I can set up a consultation with you and a family member/caregiver who is at a different location but can be involved in the discussion using a platform called Zoom. This can be highly advantageous and also rewarding.

During these consults, I am able to gather valuable information which allows me to form clinical diagnoses and give appropriate advice until such time that investigations can be performed. This can be done in any of the locations I consult in (see below). HOWEVER, in the current climate, I will not recommend this unless it is absolutely essential or I am concerned about a serious problem such as a fracture. Once the lockdown situation has improved, you will be prioritised to undergo the investigation you need quickly.

Whilst, you are waiting, I work with a team of excellent physiotherapists who work remotely and give you the treatment you need all in the safety of your own home. You will be set clear targets, which are personalised and achievable and a safe solution during this pandemic.

For further information regarding osteoporosis, your cast, or on simple measures you can take regarding your back pain/injury, please Click Here to see the downloadable information sheets in the patient resources area.