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How much is a knee arthroscopy?

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What is the cost of a knee arthroscopy in London? Do the costs include additional services?

During the most recent lockdown, all NHS hospitals were advised not to see new patients for face-to-face consultations. Furthermore, planned, elective surgery such as knee or hip arthroscopy (key hole surgery) cannot be performed.  If you have been waiting for your procedure for the last few years and have been informed that your operation is cancelled, with a new date unknown, then you are probably very frustrated. Hospital backlog threatens a 2-year wait for your knee operation.

Recently, some of my patients have asked how much it would cost to have their knee arthroscopy done privately in a COVID safe manner. After discussions with one of the private hospitals I work at, there is a very affordable fixed fee package for patients that need a knee arthrscopy (key-hole surgery).  This is usually done for tears in the meniscus (cartilage) in the knee. The package includes:

This includes:

  • Daycase stay (go home the same day)
  • One Post-op follow-up consultation
  • 6 post-op physiotherapy visits

Knee Arthroscopy costs approximately £4300 for meniscectomy, and £4600 for meniscal repair.

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