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Hip Preservation Techniques: Alternatives to Total Hip Replacement

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In my practice as a Hip and Knee Consultant in London, I often explore hip preservation techniques as alternatives to total hip replacement, especially for younger patients or those with less advanced hip disorders.

Hip preservation is a rapidly growing area in orthopaedics, focusing on delaying or preventing the need for a total hip replacement. These techniques are less invasive and aim to preserve as much of the natural hip joint as possible.

One common technique is hip arthroscopy, a minimally invasive procedure that allows me to diagnose and treat various conditions within the hip joint without making large incisions. This can include repairing torn labrums, reshaping the bones in cases of impingement, or removing loose cartilage.

Another approach is osteotomy, where the bones of the hip joint are realigned to improve function and reduce pain. This is particularly beneficial for patients with hip dysplasia or similar conditions, where the hip joint hasn’t formed properly.

In cases of early arthritis or other degenerative changes, regenerative medicine techniques, such as PRP (platelet-rich plasma) injections or stem cell therapy, may offer relief and delay progression.

Each hip preservation technique has its specific indications and not all patients are suitable candidates. The decision to pursue these alternatives is made after a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s condition, lifestyle, and long-term objectives.

In conclusion, hip preservation techniques offer promising alternatives to total hip replacement, particularly for younger patients or those with specific hip conditions. These techniques focus on maintaining the natural structure of the hip joint for as long as possible.

If you’re experiencing hip pain or mobility issues and are wondering if hip preservation might be an option for you, please feel free to reach out. Visit the contact section of my website here for more information and to book a consultation.

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