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Revision Hip Surgery: Addressing Complications and Failures

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As an experienced Hip and Knee Consultant in London, I often encounter patients facing complications or failures with their primary hip replacement. In such cases, revision hip surgery becomes a crucial option.

Revision hip surgery is a procedure performed to replace a failed or problematic hip prosthesis. The reasons for revision surgery can vary, including wear and tear of the implant, infection, dislocation, or even the loosening of the prosthesis over time.

The complexity of revision hip surgery depends on the nature of the problem. It typically involves removing the old implant, repairing any damage to the bone and surrounding tissues, and fitting a new prosthesis. This type of surgery is more challenging than primary hip replacement due to factors like bone loss or the presence of scar tissue.

Preoperative planning is essential for a successful revision surgery. This includes thorough diagnostics to understand the reasons for failure and meticulous planning to choose the most suitable type of new implant.

Post-surgery, rehabilitation is key to recovery. Customised physiotherapy and exercises are vital to help patients regain mobility and strength. It’s also important for patients to follow all postoperative guidelines to minimise risks of further complications. In some cases, I restrict the amount of weight patients can place on the operated side to allow time for the new implant to ‘bed in’.

As your consultant, I am committed to providing comprehensive care, from accurate diagnosis to postoperative rehabilitation. My goal is to ensure that revision hip surgery improves your quality of life and addresses any complications effectively.

If you’re experiencing issues with your hip replacement or have concerns about potential complications, please reach out. A detailed consultation can help determine the best course of action for your specific needs. Visit the contact section of my website here for more information and to book an appointment.

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