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The Benefits and Safety of Arthrosamid® Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis

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Explore the benefits of Arthrosamid®, a minimally invasive treatment for knee osteoarthritis, administered expertly by Mr. Parag Jaiswal.

Procedure and Convenience

Arthrosamid® is an outpatient procedure performed under local anaesthesia and guided by ultrasound. It requires no hospital stay, offering convenience and efficiency to those seeking relief from knee osteoarthritis​​.

Benefits and Safety

Arthrosamid® is safe, biocompatible, and integrates seamlessly with knee tissues. It has been backed by over two decades of research, with its efficacy proven in clinical trials. Patients have reported significant pain reduction post-treatment, with the effects sustained over 3 years​​.

Side Effects and FAQs

Arthrosamid® has a well-established safety profile, with no serious adverse events reported. Common side effects include mild to moderate pain or swelling at the injection site, which are typically transient​​. The treatment starts showing results around four weeks post-treatment, and its benefits can last for more than 156 weeks​​.

Advancing Towards Better Knee Health

Arthrosamid® offers a promising solution for individuals with varying degrees of knee arthritis. Mr. Parag Jaiswal’s expertise in this advanced treatment ensures patients receive the best possible care and outcomes.

For more information about Arthrosamid® Injections, please visit this page: https://londonhipknee.co.uk/joint-injections-arthrosamid/ or contact Mr Jaiswal to book your consultation.

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